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Default Mighty Morphin Power Rangers FAN made series.

Hey Guys

How's everybody?

My name is Jay aka Awakening. I just became a member of this awesome forum. I'm also an independent film producer for several years now graduating from the NYFA.

Several partners and I have been thinking about creating a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers FAN made series.

I would like to know all your thoughts and opinions on that?

We've been discussing this for a few months now and while the series is still in it's very early stages we have an idea on how we'd like to begin the show. Here are a few key points we've settled on.

1) The show will be a revised version of the original series featuring the original 5 characters Jason, Zach, Billy, Trini and Kimberly.

2) The show will be geared more for mature audiences and at times a little more darker with less cliche scenarios.

3) The show will follow a similar timeline, however will deviate from the original series story enough to keep it fresh and unpredictable.

4) The show will feature hour long episodes. Should the show be popular we're looking to produce 16 episodes for the first season.

We want ALL of your thoughts and opinions on this new project. Please gives us your feedback.

Talk to you soon.

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